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General FAQ
Devices FAQ
1 - What is myTV?
myTV provides live streaming and Video On Demand (VOD) streaming of TV channels and video content to expatriates and members of diasporas living abroad who want to stay connected to their homeland or maybe even rediscover their roots.

We provide content from the following countries: Lebanon, Syria, Egypt, Jordan, Palestine, Kuwait, Iraq, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Yemen, Bahrain, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Somalia, Sudan, Qatar and Libya.
2 - What type of content can I watch?
myTV offers all types of content and all genres so you can experience homeland television any time of the day with an ever-expanding catalog to fit all tastes and moods. Other than television channels, you can explore and rent VODs such as film, new releases, old classics, music videos, documentaries, television shows, sitcoms, series, cartoons, anime etc.
3 - Are there plans to expand the myTV catalog?
Yes, we never stop adding new material so be sure to check regularly for new releases, and do not hesitate to write to us  at and tell us what you’d like to watch.
4 - Why is myTV better than satellite television?
In addition to offering Video On Demand, myTV is also much cheaper than satellite television. You also get to avoid installation fees, wiring and drilling costs.
Also, myTV allows you to access content anywhere, anytime, as long as you have a TV set, Internet access, and a set top box, or just internet access and your Ipad or Android tablet. You don’t have to get permission for a satellite dish installation from your landlord, worry about having reception or not, or be at the mercy of storms and bad weather. If you have Internet, you have myTV.
Finally, some content carried by myTV is exclusively present on myTV and cannot be found anywhere else.
5 - Why would I subscribe to myTV rather than watch TV shows on online streaming websites or download content from the web?
Although myTV uses your Internet connection to fetch the broadcast to your TV, it is not a computer-viewing experience; rather, it is the same good old TV watching routine. myTV is designed to replace your cable or satellite provider and get you the same exact shows with the same exact experience you are used to, for the set of content that we carry. Although we do support a multi-device platform that allows you to use myTV to watch this content on your TV, PC, mobile device or tablet, each one of these viewing mechanisms enjoys its own set of attributes. myTV is your primary source of TV viewing experience.
6 - Is myTV available internationally?
At the moment, myTV is available in North and South America, Canada, New Zealand, Australia and most of Europe. To make sure myTV is available in your country, visit and select your country in the drop down list in the last column.
7 - How much does myTV cost?

myTV constantly has new offers and discounts, especially during special seasons like Ramadan, where we always provide the best possible packages to suit your needs. For our latest packages, go to

8 - Do I need particular equipment to watch myTV?
All you need is an internet connection of a minimum 2 mbps, a Smart TV or a normal TV connected to a device myTV available on. We are also available on the Ipad as well as Android tablets. If you are connected to the internet, kindly visit our devices page at to see if you already own certain devices or one that you are planning to buy.

However, if you are intending to buy a new device, contact our support team at to assist you to choose the best one according to your location and your needs, as our app may not be available on certain devices in some countries. For example, not all of our VOD are available on the Samsung Smart TV platform.
9 - Will you be supporting other devices in the future?
Yes. myTV’s technical team is working on supporting other devices over the next few months, including Windows 8, Iphone and Android mobiles.
10 - I have two devices. I don’t want to pay twice but I want myTV on both.

Each package allows you to use up two devices, with the secondary device at a discount 35%.
However if you own a tablet (Ipad or Android), then you may watch myTV on it for free. For more information refer to 12.

11 - Thank you but I am not interested in Arabic Channels/ I would like to know if you have Persian (any other language) channels.
myTV has plans to expand its service to cover expatriates from different backgrounds. Send us your requests to We will add your mailing list and keep you updated when we add your requested content and language.
12 - What is secondary device?
Another device for households that wish to watch myTV on two different TV sets. Secondary devices are given a discount in the subscription. However, peripheral devices such as tablets are for free and do not count as a secondary device. Every subscription (package) allows 2 devices, excluding peripheral devices. This means if you already have myTV on your TV set, you may watch it on your (Ipad or Android) for free. And if you have myTV on two TV sets, you may watch myTV on two tablets (Ipad or Android) for free
-    User Package
o    Primary subscription (normal package price)
  • Primary device
  • Peripheral device 1 (tablet – watch myTV for free)
o    Secondary subscription (at a discount)
  • Secondary device
  • Peripheral device 2 (tablet – watch myTV for free)
13 - How can I cancel my account?
To cancel your account, you must first log in, and go to "My Account", then "Devices and Subscriptions" and click on "Deactivate".

Deactivating will cancel your subscription, but will allow you to continue watching myTV till the end of your billing period, upon which you will be automatically unlinked.

Unlinking will disconnect you from watching myTV immediately. We advise you not to do so unless you wish to switch your device. For more information on how to do any of these, you will find step-by-step instructions here
If you choose to deactivate your myTV account, please take a moment to tell us the reason for your decision. Remember, you can always reactivate your account if you change your mind before the end of your billing period.
14 - I want this channel. When will you get it?
We have a long plan to bring in many programs and TV channels. And we are more than happy to know about your requests. Please email your suggestions to our content team at
15 - This channel is not available on my app even though it is on your website.

Not all the channels we provide are available in all countries. Kindly go to and see which channels are available where you live. If the channels you request are not there, kindly email us at to let us know what you would like to watch.

16 - How can I pay for my subscription? Is it safe to use my bank card?

Yes. Credit/debit cards are a safe way to pay online. You can use Visa, American Express and Master card to subscribe to myTV.

Once you choose your plan, you will be automatically billed upon it, whether it is a monthly, quarterly or yearly payment. All subscribed plans are auto-renewed.

17 - I have a Samsung Smart TV. Why cannot I find all the VODs that are on the website?

Due to copyright issues, there is a lot of content in the VOD section that is not yet available on the Samsung Smart TV. We are working hard to resolve this; however, cartoons, many TV series, dubbed series, many short films and talk shows will not appear on the Samsung Smart TV. However, kindly note that the Live Channels  on Samsung Smart TV remain unaffected.

18 - I have a Samsung Smart TV. Why cannot I find myTV on it?

For the time being, myTV is only available on the Samsung Smart TV in the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Europe.

19 - I have more questions...

We’d love to hear from you! If you have any more questions about myTV, please send an email to or call our Customer Support service on 1.855.219.3542 (US). Alternatively, you can also connect with us on Live Chat. If we are not available, leave a message and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

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